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Centrifuges The Blue Line

- High-Speed Table Top Centrifuges (max. 30,000 rpm/ 70,434 x g)     


All centrifuges in the Blue Line range are table top models with sample volumes from 18 x 0.2 ml up to 4 x 200 ml.

These table top models have an identical cone and the rotors of the smaller models MicroCen M+MR will also fit the UniCen series, as well. The different models differ in the size of the chamber and the power of the machine. Therefore the maximum speed of the rotors differs across the range - see overview models and rotors below.


5 good reasons to buy a Herolab centrifuge:

- The centrifuges spin vibration free and are very quiet because of a flexible axis. 

- All the centrifuges have very high safety standards - see safety below.

- The design and the handling are very user friendly.

- The machines can easily be serviced.

- The centrifuges convince with a long lifetime.



The safety of our customers is very important to us. For this reason all our centrifuges have following safety features:

The stainless steel chamber has an additional inner guard ring.

Our APRI® system (Automatic Positive Rotor Identification) recognises the rotor itself and checks for the speed setting. In case the speed is selected too high for a particular rotor the machine will automatically reduce the speed setting to the maximum speed possible for the rotor.

If any imbalance is detected an automatic cut-off will activate.

There is a 4-point-lid fixing. The lid lock is motorised. There is also automatic lid opening and an emergency lid-lock release.

For all our centrifuges there is an overheat control.



Models (see below)

MicroCen M EN

MicroCen M Centrifuge

Laborzentrifuge MicroCen M

MicroCen M

High-Speed Microliter Centrifuge

  max. 12 x 10 ml / w/o Refrigeration
  max. 16,000 rpm
  max. 20,464 x g


UniCen M EN

UniCen M Universal Centrifuge

Centrifuge UniCen M

UniCen M

Universal Centrifuge 

  max. 4 x 200 ml / w/o Refrigeration
  max. 18,000 rpm
  max. 25,356 x g


MicroCen MR EN

MicroCen MR Centrifuge

Centrifuge MicroCen MR

MicroCen MR

High-Speed Microliter Centrifuge with Refrigeration

  max. 12 x 10 ml / with Refrigeration
  max.  22,000 rpm
  max.  37,878 x g


UniCen MR EN

UniCen MR Universal Centrifuge with Refrigeration

UniCen MR

Universal Centrifuge with Refrigeration

  max. 4 x 200 ml / with Refrigeration
  max. 24,000 rpm
  max. 45,078 x g


UniCen HR EN

UniCen HR Super High Speed Centrifuge with Refrigeration

UniCen HR

Super High-Speed Centrifuge with Refrigeration

  max. 4 x 200 ml / with Refrigeration
  max. 30,000 rpm
  max. 70,434 x g