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UV Crosslinker

Product Description

Microprocessor controlled UV irradiation system



  • Fixation of nucleic acids on nylon or nitrocellulose membranes (Southern and Northern Blots, Dot Blots, Slot Blot) - Crosslinking
  • UV curing of polymers
  • UV effect studies in cell cultures or in microbiology



  • Easy handling thanks to two-button operation (intensity switch and start button)
  • The hybridization signal is 5 to 10 times higher compared to conventional methods (e.g. baking).
  • Automatic safety cut-off of UV radiation when opening the drawer
  • High reproducibility as no UV aging of the sensor:
  • The new Crosslinker CL-1, developed by Herolab, has a unique method for measuring the UV radiation. For the exact determination of the emitted UV radiation during the measurement the built in processor detects and measures the emitted white light. By monitoring the white light any aging of the detector caused by the UV radiation is therefore excluded.



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