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PCR Workstation

Safe and efficient working with PCR®-samples

The PCR®-Workstations CleneCab® and CleneCab plus® are low-cost alternatives to a cleanroom in order to prevent contamination when working with the PCR®-samples. UV light is providing decontamination. The front plate protects the sample while working.

  • Clene Cab (cat. no. 30 00 100) comes with 4 UV tubes, 254 nm of 15 W each. The timer for UV light can be set up to 120 minutes.
  • CleneCab plus (cat. no. 30 00 200) is a combination of a Crosslinker and a PCR Workstation. The energy for radiation can be chosen. This workstation has 5 UV tubes, 254 nm of 15 W each. It is indicated when tubes must be exchanged.

Both stations have white light. When doors are opened the UV light will automatically be switched off.

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